Dehumidifier Hire

Moisture Removal and Control

With over 20 years experience, our range of de-humidifiers work for most moisture-related requirements, whether commercial or domestic.

Typical uses for this equipment include;

  • Drying out water damaged buildings
  • Moisture removal
  • Reduced drying times at construction sites
  • High Humidity levels, condensation control

Free Moisture Removal Survey pre-hire testing Prior to hiring out one of our dehumidifiers, our expert will asses the situation and moisture levels of each room and building, then assist by suggesting the correct dehumidifier for your specific requirement. Part of this assessment includes use of our specialist Protimeter MMS damp meter tool. Using a Protimeter allows for moisture tests in wood, wood floors, drywall and concrete block, stucco plaster, masonry and other building materials.

Why use a dehumidifier?

  • A dehumidifier can be up to three times more energy effective at moisture removal than heaters
  • No extraction area (door or window) is required during usage
  • Reduction of condensation damage
  • Improves air quality, benefiting the workplace environment

Our Range of Products

With over 100 units available, we will have a suitable system for you requirements. Our plant list include:

Ebac CD35 & CD35P

Download full specification

Free Delivery

Following assessment, Britannia Services will provide you with the correct dehumidifier's and provide free deliver and collection of the product. Why buy a dehumidifier when our hire prices are highly competitive, why not call 01242 250001 or email

During the past 20 years i have known and used Britannia services on many difficult claims and always found them to provide a first class service.
Mr R Turner,
Crawfords Claims
Ebac International Protimeter Free Delivery on Dehumidifier Hire

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