Why Using A Truck Mount Carpet System Makes Sense For Your Carpets

When it comes to having your carpets cleaned, long gone are the days of hiring small machines that take hours to not only use but days to effectively dry. Although the Truck Mount Carpet System can only really be used by hiring a carpet cleaning company, when you look at the results and the affordable cost of this cleaning procedure, you will never go back to your previous cleaning method.

Over the years the one furnishing in your house that normally takes the biggest beating is your carpet, especially if you have kids and pets that don’t quite share the same regard for your carpets as you do.

Below, we take a look at the main reasons why the Truck Mount System is really turning heads in the industry, with these machines offering amazing results and are cost effective when compared to the more traditional cleaning methods.

Extremely Quick Drying Time – With the majority of the small machines that most companies use, you normally have to wait at least 12 hours before you can walk on and use the carpets again, with some firms recommending you leave the carpets for 24 hours, which is just not practical. Because the truck mount solution works on a power steam cleaning method, your carpets are normally dry within 3 hours, which means you can have your carpets cleaned and use them again on the same day.

Superb Results – These machines use Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning) because this is the only method that will effectively clean carpets and upholstery, with others methods usually not even coming close to getting the same results. Although the smaller and usually more portable machines can be effective, when you compare them to the Truck Mount System then you will really see the difference in terms of cleanliness and appearance.

Quick To Complete The Job – Because the truck mount system is so powerful, the company can get the job done much quicker than when compared with a small machine that has to be pushed around the house. When you also take into account the cleaning time, you can quickly see that this solution is much quicker than any other method that you can compare it to.

Removes More Dirt And Grime – When you compare it to the results of the other carpet cleaning solutions, none of them even come close to removing the same levels of dirt and grime as the truck mount system. This is especially important if you have pets because this solution really does remove all of the hair, mess and “nasties” that your pets can unwillingly leave behind in your home.

No Harmful Chemicals – One final reason that we believe the truck mount system is ideal for your home is that it does not use harmful chemicals on your carpets. The system is effectively a very hot and extremely powerful steam cleaning solution, which means it does not need any harmful chemicals to improve the process or the results.

We have been using Britannia Services for the cleaning of our shop carpets for the past 6 years. During this time they have provided excellent quality service to our complete satisfaction. We have found their staff reliable, courteous and efficient.
Caroline Charles,
Ebac International Protimeter Prochem

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