Why Using A De-Humidifier Can Help With Damp Problems And Water Damage

Condensation and damp are common problems in many homes across the country, with the Winter time causing many issues for home owners, with unsightly condensation on the windows and mouldy walls in the household.

Although well insulated walls and a good build structure can help to remove this problem, many people find that no matter what they do, they always have some instances of this problem in their home.

High humidity in the home or the rooms in your house can lead to damp problems, because a high level of humidity will often cause plasterboard and other surfaces to become wet, which if not dried out will just worsen over time. You may notice damp issues or mould on the walls and this is often a sign that the humidity in your home is too high and that you need to take action against these levels by using a de-humidifier.

High humidity in a bedroom or any other room in your home is usually caused by condensation on exterior walls that are not adequately insulated and therefore when the temperature is cold outside but warm inside, you will often notice far more condensation in your home, which can lead to major problems.

This where is a de-humidifier can really come into play and help to control these issues throughout the year in your home. A dehumidifier will remove most of the moisture from the air, therefore lowering the humidity in the home and it manages to complete this action by condensing water onto a cold surface.

Basically, this means that a de-humidifier can turn the cold air into warmer air, which is why a de-humidifier can help to keep condensation to a minimum by removing the cold air before it hits your walls or windows.

After a flood in the home or major water damage, many insurance companies will insist that you employ a specialist company to come in and dry the property out, which will use de-humidifiers as part of this process. Quite often the cleaning company will bring in a range of powerful machines to start drying the home out, because until the home is dry, you cannot even begin to start rebuilding or re-plastering any walls and sorting out any damaged floors.
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