Why Using A Carpet Cleaning Professional Can Save You Money

When times are tough and money is tight, choosing to use professional services can often cause confusion for many people, wondering whether a DIY job is going to save them money. Quite often, doing things yourself can actually end up costing you more money when you look at the comparable savings of paying someone to do it for you.

A common misconception is that when you do things yourself you will end up saving lots of money, but by the time you have taken into account the time you spend doing something, the products needed to produce results and also the experience necessary, you might end up deciding that paying someone to do the job for you is often a much more cost effective approach.

When it comes to your carpets, trying to keep them clean yourself can be really challenging, especially if you want to achieve the results that a really good cleaning company can.

Below, we take a look at our perspective on the reasons that we think using a carpet cleaning company can actually save you more money than by doing it yourself.

Experience – An established company will have years of experience and many happy customers who will be able to boast about their work, something that you will never be able to match if you are trying to do things yourself. Cleaning carpets is no different to any other profession; the more experienced you are the better at the job you will be, knowing all of the tips and tricks of your trade.

Quality – When you take a look at the machinery, tools and products that a cleaning company will use, you would have to spend thousands to even come close, which means that you will never get the same quality as a cleaning company. Even if you brought all the products you needed to, you then have to store them somewhere and keep them updated, something that is just not affordable for something you might do every now and then.

Ability – Most decent carpet cleaning companies have a range of highly powered tools, machines and the best in carpet cleaning products; simply a range that the average homeowner cannot compete with. Hiring a small carpet cleaning machine has nothing in comparison to a truck mount carpet cleaner that can come into your home and really deliver instant results that will last a long time.

Duration – When you look at how long the process might take you to do properly and then also consider how the long the actual effects will last for, you can quickly see that by hiring a cleaning company to come and do the job could save you money. If you spend 4 hours doing the job and the results only last for a few weeks, when you take into account the money you spend on the products you could actually be wasting your time and money!

Although there is little doubt that we can all clean our own carpets, when it comes to the results and the quality of the clean is where using a professional carpet cleaning company can really save you money, even if you are paying them to do it.

We have been using Britannia Services for the cleaning of our shop carpets for the past 6 years. During this time they have provided excellent quality service to our complete satisfaction. We have found their staff reliable, courteous and efficient.
Caroline Charles,
Ebac International Protimeter Prochem

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