How To Keep Your Sofas And Other Types Of Upholstery Clean And Looking Good

From three piece sofa suites to traditional chairs and stools, keeping your upholstery clean and looking new is often a challenge, especially when you have children or pets that don't share the same understanding of furniture respect that you might.

When you invest hundreds or thousands of pounds in furniture, you of course want to get the most usage and life out of it, which means keeping it clean is vital for any proud home owner.

One of the quickest and most effective solutions is to be proactive rather than reactive and maybe buy a couple of cheap throws or blankets that you can place over the sofa or chair meaning that any dirt will go onto them before it has a chance to work its way into your furniture.

Make sure that you give your sofas and chairs a wipe down regularly with just a damp, clean cloth, because this will help to remove any easy to remove dirt, pet hairs and anything else that has become attached to your upholstery. By regularly giving your furniture a quick wipe down, you will help to keep everything looking clean and fresh and also help to make sure that your upholstery remains clean for as long as possible.

Keeping on top of dirt and stains is far easier than just getting your sofas and chairs cleaned once a year, because if you deal with any spillages, marks or dirty patches when they happen, you have a much greater chance of preventing any long term damage and also keeping your upholstery looking cleaner for longer. Some stains if left untreated will be there for ever, so it really is vital that you deal with any damage immediately after it has occurred to prevent long term issues.

Although money can be an issue, it is a superb idea to bring in a professional company regularly to clean all of your upholstery, because they have specialist equipment that can offer far better results than any do it yourself attempts at home. They are also experts when it comes to choosing the correct solution for your type of furniture and can also bring quality cleaning products that you can not easily get in the shops.

A good cleaning company will inspect the fabric construction and type and determine the best method of upholstery cleaning. Depending on the factors they might decide to use specially formulated cleaning agents to penetrate the fabric surface and dissolve the soil, treating stains and marks as they go and leaving you with unrivalled and pleasing results.

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Caroline Charles,
Ebac International Protimeter Prochem

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