Carpet Cleaning – How to Remove Stains

If you are you looking to tackle a tough stain caused by a spillage, there are a few decisions and steps to take to ensure that the carpet or rug is fully restored back to its original condition.

The decision whether to treat the stain yourself or hire a professional carpet cleaning company is a vital one. Depending on the size of the stain, value of the carpet and what material it’s made from should help choose between DIY and carpet cleaning professionals. If you do choose to deal with the issue yourself then you may find some advice, noted below, beneficial.

A good place to start is by assessing the carpet material and thickness. Wool, plant fibres and synthetics are all common materials used to make carpets and all require different cleaning methods. For example, the use of heated products and bleach are not recommended on woollen carpets or rugs. Therefore try to decipher what your carpet or rug is made from before tackling the stain.

A common and effective method of tackling the stain straight away is to apply clear cold water to the carpet. Then blot clean the stain with a blotting cloth drawing as much of the spillage out of the carpet as you can. If removing the stain with this method is not proving successful then a carpet cleaning or stain removal chemical is recommended. There are many stain removal chemicals on the market and they all have their benefits. Liquid and powder based products offer solutions for different types of carpet stains. Powder based chemicals can be applied to dry stains and brushed off for removal. They can also be used for wet carpet cleaning to absorb liquid spillages. The most common form of stain removal product is liquid and is mostly applied to wet stains.

When using carpet cleaning chemicals or stain removal products, ensure that safety instructions noted on the packaging are adhered to. If the product contains corrosives then always wear protective gloves to prevent skin damage. Always make sure that the area in which you are carpet cleaning is well ventilated minimising the intake of any fumes generated from the stain removal process.

If the above carpet cleaning advice has not helped remove the stain then the hire of specialist cleaning equipment could give you a different angle of attack. Carpet cleaning machines are designed to help preserve your carpets original condition while removing the build up dirty in the fibres. The main decision is whether to use a steam carpet cleaner or dry carpet cleaner dependant on your needs.

To guarantee the stain is removed, it is always recommended that a professional carpet cleaner is consulted. Specialist cleaning equipment including hot and cold water specific machines are used in the professional carpet cleaning industry. This means that almost any type of spill or stain can be removed leaving your carpet in its original condition.

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