Britannia Cleaning Services Offer Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Services In Gloucestershire

Leading cleaning company Britannia Cleaning Services are proud to promote one of the most effective solutions when it comes to cleaning carpets – the Truck Mount Carpet Cleaner.

By using Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning), this company deliver a superb result when it comes to carpet cleaning because this is the only method that effectively cleans carpets and upholstery, others methods won't even come close.

Where Britannia Cleaning Services differ from many companies is the 'truck mounted' hot water (225f) extraction unit that they have invested in and use for their clients, offering affordable carpet cleaning services and delivering unbelievable results, with clients all over Gloucestershire continuing to use this company for their cleaning needs.

The unit is the latest in carpet cleaning technology, it stays in the vehicle along with the fresh water tank and waste tank, the unit produces the solution, heat, pressure and vacuum needed for the cleaning operation, dirty water is vacuumed back into the waste tank on the vehicle, all noise and heavy equipment remains outside and because only the vacuum/solution hoses and cleaning tool enter your home/premises, this means less disruption for customers.

The machine gets carpet and upholstery much cleaner and drier than any small portable cleaner can ever hope to achieve. The results are spectacular and are achieved quickly with the minimum of disruption to our clients.

And if you needed any other reason to use Britannia, check out why this company simply stands out from the rest:

  • 10% discount for OAP's
  • 20 years experience
  • Fully insured
  • Powerful state of the art machinery
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Fast drying (usually 1-2 hours)
  • No chemical residues
  • Extremely affordable and competitive prices

If you are looking for quality carpet cleaning in the Gloucestershire area, give Britannia Cleaning Services a call on 01242 250001 or visit their website to find out more -

We have been using Britannia Services for the cleaning of our shop carpets for the past 6 years. During this time they have provided excellent quality service to our complete satisfaction. We have found their staff reliable, courteous and efficient.
Caroline Charles,
Ebac International Protimeter Prochem

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